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What are some signs you need to replace your siding?

You will notice damages that are visible to the naked eye. At times, these damages can be minor like a random missing nail or lifted board that can easily be replaced. This is a homeowner’s siding dream, to need a mere replacement of materials opposed to the entire installation of the home’s siding.

On the contrary, your siding is more drastically unprotected when several boards are loose, cracked, or missing throughout your home’s exterior. These would be the time you should take serious consideration for having your home’s entire siding replaced.

Frederick Roofing takes the time to inspect the underlying layers of your siding for damages to ensure there are no added damages, hidden below the surface. More specifically, during our inspections we look for any signs of rot, mold, infestations, among other things. In our findings, we are transparent with homeowners because the problems will continue to get worse and more costly. Frederick Roofing believes in getting the biggest bang for your buck.

Improve the look of your home and add some “care points” with fresh, clean siding Frederick MD can be proud of! Contact us to get started!

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As your home gets older, so does it’s siding. The performance of your siding slowly decreases as anything else does with time. If you are noticing higher energy usage and costs it could be a direct result of bad siding. Hiring roofers in Frederick Maryland that know their way around siding couldn’t get easier than calling us now!

Low performing siding can also result in loose, bubbling wallpaper and peeling interior paint. Noticeable damages, like this are signs to contact Frederick Roofing. We will perform a thorough inspection of thorough inspection of your siding to identify and diagnose the root issues.

If you are tired of repainting your exterior, trying to put off the inevitable ... invest in a new installation.

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Having newly repaired siding as a home feature can be a selling point for your home. Siding replacement or installation would carry you further, but showing the regular care and maintenance received from repairs can prove beneficial. Taking note of signs your home needs siding repairs can save you money down the road as well, catching issues before they happen or in the early stages.


Signs you need siding repair Frederick MD:

  • Physical weather damages

  • Loose flashing

  • Cracked, broken, chipped, or lifting boards

  • Rot

  • Infestations

Contact our professionals to learn about your options! We want to get your home to it's best condition.

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